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Aluminum Profiles

Aluminium Profiles

While architects have used aluminum profiles in building design for over a century, it’s arguably in the last couple of decades that it has truly been acknowledged as versatile metal, which is easier to weld than other conventional metal bringing many opportunity and application to construction, industrial, transportation & automotive sectors respectively. Moreover, façade systems serve multi-faceted purposes, such as temperature control, ventilation, and insulation. Modern Aluminum system isn’t just ‘curtains ‘that help keep the ‘weather out’, they are mutually compatible with improving the environment by preserving energy. Therefore, the results are innovative, practical, durable, and aesthetically better aesthetic, making this commodity essential to our civilization.

The benefits of Aluminum are diverse:
Light Weight One-third of iron, steel, copper, or brass.
Strength Aluminum extruded products can be as strong as needed
Strength and weight ratio: The united properties of strength and lightness make it a key component of several industry-based applications.
Corrosion Resistant The metal has natural prospective coating against environmental, chemical, and corrosive material.
Heat transmission A better conductor of heat on cost and weight basis.
Broader consumption Aluminum extruded products could be used in other sectors such as the packing and food industry.
Easier to manufacturer Metal could mold into any shape through conventional means.
Easy to assembly design Aluminum extruded products are easy for assembly design.
Ability to join Methods like welding, soldering, brazing are used to join extrusions.
Superior Quality Guarantied trustworthiness and uniformity in quality.
Cost effectiveness The tools used in the fabrication process are comparatively much cheaper in comparison with other production methods.
Variety in finishing Finishing and coating display a better aesthetic in the metal compared to other ferrous metal. The coating improves uniformity and adhesion.

MIH Group has always been the choice for sub-contractors for many residential and commercial projects in the public and private sectors. We are unparalleled as the most reliable supplier and partner for our customers.

Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass

Modern Construction is dominated by architectural glass commonly used in exterior façade for the world’s most prestigious projects. Moreover, the aesthetically, technical, and energy properties of this glazing material make its scope of applications practically unlimited; from external façade to interior solution and industrial usage.

With richness and ranges of color, shape, and texture Architects/Consultants find this surface solution to be of significance, in conjunction with curtain wall systems, as it gives shape to their creative inspiration and tames light while assuring comfort for building occupants and actively protecting the environment. Further advancements in solar glazing will be commercialized. As a result, the inside of the building will be bright, while maintaining the temperature at optimum levels.



More commonly known as lumber (Hardwood) in North America are type of wood (species) that has been processed into beams and planks, to be used for flooring and furniture manufacturing. Owing to its durability and exotic complexion, it is an ideal material for interior designing of projects. There are over 20 commercial species alone and the real advantage of the manufacturer is both the veneers and solids are available in most species ensuring a good fit for any project. Alternatively, European hardwoods are well accepted as being highest quality in the world, users can enjoy the attention to detail given to the texture of the material.

Timber can also originate from sawn mills to make softwood; white wood is one the most popular material in softwood, which is used more as supporting structure when projects are initially contracted.

Plywood & MDF



Plywood is widely used in construction projects for civil work, contracting, or other activities to support the underlying activities. As one of the most basic materials, it has many variations from commercial, film faced, and veneered. Depending on the specification, it can be multifaceted from furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, and packing materials. Most of this originates from China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A major advantage of the material is that it can withstand moisture, dampness, and humidity which makes versatile in this climate.


Also known as Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood product manufactured by breaking down hardwood residuals into wood fibers. Unlike plywood, it has superior material composition.



Doors and windows are the most important component of homes, offices, and commercial outlets. Hardware is the type of products that complete doors and windows. We contain a variety of Aluminum and Glass hardware used in doors and windows, which compliment your style and aesthetic taste.

We supply the products that are best of standards in terms of design, comfort, and durability. In addition to that, we offer the best service and price to our clients for them to get the maximum benefit from them. Some of our brands are M5, Domus, Dormakaba, ISEO, Wacker, Dow, Alfa, NHN & Flyguard. Our product range includes Handles, Locks, Hinges, Sliding Locks, Door Closers, Floor Springs, Rollers, Screws, Fly Screen Nets, Weather Strips, Silicones, Patch Fittings, Shower Door Fittings, PVC and EDPM Gaskets and various tools.



The kitchen is a source of comfort & happiness like any other part of the house. Based on hardware, kitchen accessories, and appliances, it is unlikely to find a studio without an oven, hood, sink, or mixer in the kitchen but, it is harder to find a supplier who can supply Aluminum kitchen products. Wooden kitchen cabinets and all necessary (niche) components to make a kitchen complete, with many brands available at MIH. Moreover, we also offer materials such as acrylic solid surface, ACP (Aluminum composite panel) & HPL (High-pressure laminate) to make the kitchen’s aesthetically pleasing and luxurious at substantially economical prices.

Signage Material

Signage Materials

With the retail industry focusing on expanding and investing considerably in advertising and marketing, the market is to witness significant demand from 2020-2025, which is currently valued at $50 billion and has the potential to grow exponentially.

Moreover, the lower investment required for deploying signage that makes it interactive for people to engage with the use of effective signage and installations. It is the most visible and prominent feature of brand initial interaction with the customer. We as a group, ensure we can supply all kinds of composite material for Indoor & Outdoor signage, to meet design and environmental requirements.