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Glass processing

We employ a separate team of professional fabricators that are responsible for designing and installing glass into windows and frames. We have a glass processing plant in Sharjah that is capable of:


With the use of our machine and tools available with a high level of accuracy. Based on the ranges of shapes we offer to cut glass according to the customer’s requirements.


It is the process to create safety glass. It is the toughening of the thermal process, where the glass is heated to high temperatures before it cooled. this process is thermal toughening makes the glass four times stronger than ordinary glass.


Beveling is a process where the surface of a piece of glass is cut at an angle, the thickness from the edge reduces towards the edge of the glass. It looks aesthetically pleasing by the mirror by deflecting or diffracting at different angles.


This process provides a smooth even surface along with the edge of the glass. Polishing on the edges by grinding a thin layer displays a polished service.


Notching is the process of drilling holes onto the glass for hardware such as handles, hinges, etc.


It is known as double or triple glazing. It contains two to three panels separated by a gas-filled space or vacuum to reduce heat transfer.

Production Capacity
Cutting Double Glazing Tempering
One fully Automated cutting Machine with 1500 SQ M Per Day Total Double Glazing- 500 SQM Daily Output 1000 SQ M per day (Capacity to increase to 3000sqm)